• Is yoga a religion?

    Yoga can be spiritual to the individual but it is not a religion. It offers a non-theistic practise.

  • Who can practice yoga?

    Anyone! Yoga is non -elitist and can be practised anywhere at any time. Obviously if you have physical limitations then private tuition is perhaps more favourable than a general class, however, depending on the circumstance a good teacher can adapt most physical asanas (postures).

  • I’m overweight can I still do yoga?

    We live in a time whereby the media can influence not only our perception of ourselves but also what we can and can not do based on our size. Yoga is for EVERYONE irrelevant of your ability, size, shape, colour and sex. It may be that poses need to be modified if a belly gets in the way but yoga is more than just stretching. Letting go of our fears is the first step to acceptance and possibly finding a practise that you can embrace.

  • I’m not at all flexible, will I make a fool of myself?

    I admit, the majority of people who attend the class come because they want to find more ease in their bodies, to be less tight, more flexible. The majority of people are not very flexible, but over time, with a little patience and dedication flexibility evolves and you start to reap the rewards of your labour. Yoga poses work on both increasing the elasticity of connective tissues as well as soothing the stretch reflex. With the use of the breath, continuous stretching causes a gradual opening of the body and a lengthening of the muscles. Just as lifting weights builds muscle over time, a consistent yoga practise increases overall flexibility. To date I have never read a yoga text that actually mentions the word flexibility. Yoga is so much more!

  • What do I need to start?

    Yoga doesn’t use a lot of props or expensive equipment. You just need enough space for a mat and most of all your attention.

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  • What is soft tissue massage and is it just for sports people?

    Absolutely not! Sports massage is helpful for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage that soothes, eases, and mobilises the muscles - rather than solely stroking the skin.
    A common misconception is that sports massage is only for sports people it is not! However, it is invaluable to athletes who might need pre and post event work to either loosen, repair or refresh sore, aching limbs; sports massage is also ideal for those who don’t necessarily play sports, but perhaps sit in the same position for long periods of time or carry out repetitive tasks. It can restore stiff, sore muscles to ones that move with ease; giving freedom from pain and discomfort.

  • How does sports massage work?

    Sports Massage separates soft tissues that are stuck together - and often they no longer feel soft but very hard, stiff and sore. Muscles (and the fascia that surround them) become stuck after injury, misuse, lack of use, stress and tension. Sports and remedial massage can soften such hardened tissue, and can restore movement and mobility around joints that have become stiff and painful.

  • What can it treat?

    •   Plantar fasciitis
    •   Frozen shoulder
    •   Tennis elbow/golfers elbow
    •   Whiplash
    •   IBS
    •   Lymphedema
    •   Iliotibial band syndrome
    •   Back Pain
  • Prices?

    •   Mobile: £35-£45
    •   Clinic: £40 - 45 minutes
    •   Private Clinic: £35-£45